Always Roberta
Budget couture under $7K
“Mascia Mascia Mascia!”
Growing up with a name famously quoted on television is a character-building exercise. Mascia got so used to people saying this to her that her response became “thanks to that show, it’s Always Roberta”.
Wanting to differentiate between her personal label and the store brand, there was no other name that could compete – so Mascia’s designs are produced under the Always Roberta label.
Always Roberta is all about getting you a stunning gown that flatters you the way you want it to, puts your personality on high, and doesn’t cost the world. Working within a budget is not a problem, there’s something for everyone here.

Mascia leads as head designer and her  assembled team of designers who create things for Always Roberta, this means that narrow style guides aren’t a problem. Whatever your bridal style, someone on this awesome team will have something to suit you.
Whether you are a boho beach babe or a gothic queen Always Roberta can dress you.

Venus Pooch Boutique
Accessories for your animal attendant.
More and more we are seeing pets walking down the aisle with their humans, and if not actually walking down the aisle then at least involved in the wedding day.
We want to provide these pampered pooches and kitties with some bling of their own. Whether you have a St Bernard or a Dachshund, a Sphinx or a Norwegian Forest Cat, we can find something special for them to wear.
Even if you have something other than a cat or a dog that you want to be involved in your day, let us know and we will do our best to find the right accessory for them. Though these pieces are not off the rack, we are happy to do what we can to realize your pet bling ideas – because let’s be honest we want to see an Iguana in diamonds!

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